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KB Imaging was Founded on Passion and Professionalism

Founded due to Keith Beauchamp's passion for photography, videography and drone work, KB Imaging has been helping customers bring projects to life since 2013. The company is professionally licensed through the FAA for drone piloting and special circumstances such as night flying. KB Imaging is also fully insured, so you can rest easy knowing your project is in safe and capable hands.

While we offer a variety of services (from aerial and ground video and photography to real estate projects to promotional videos), Keith is always happy to customize a service or work on special projects.The possibilities are truly endless. Have any idea and want to work with Keith? Simply send a message to get started.


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KB Photo-Video-Aerial Imaging


Keith Beauchamp



Aerial Imaging

From a panoramic shot of a property to an overhead view of a special event.  KB Imaging is best equipped to get the shots you need.  Offering high quality images and brilliant 4K video we can get all the images you need from a very different perspective.  FAA Licensed and Insured giving you peace of mind for that perfect project.

What We Do


Specializing in Real Estate photography, 

KB Imaging can give your listing the look it needs to help sell quickly.  We also offer landscape photos and photos of special occasions. Contact us for more details.


Real Estate videos, promotional videos and commercials, KB Imaging has all the skills to give your listing or business 

the attention it needs to stand out.  

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